Google To Block Android Users From Installing Risky Apps; Details Here

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New Delhi: Google is set to roll out a new fraud protection feature for Android users soon. Available within Google Play Protect, the purpose of this feature is to combat the growing scam problem these days. However, the fraud protection feature is under development. Notably, this feature will initially be tested in Singapore in the next few weeks, the first country to trial the feature. 

Android users in Singapore won’t have access to downloading apps considered unsafe. The company collaborates with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore to develop the feature, contributing to the government’s initiatives against scams.

Financial Fraud Feature

Google has also initiated a fresh pilot project aimed at combatting financial fraud. This project targets the prevention of side loaded Android APK files that seek access to potentially risky permissions. These Android Package (APK) files are commonly distributed through third-party sites, allowing you to install apps outside of Google Play. (Also Read: Mozilla Monitor’s New Service Will Protect Your Personal Data Online; Details Here)

These APK files serve as the format for distributing Android apps, permitting their installation within the operating system. In the meantime, Android users are encouraged to minimize APK downloads, carefully review permissions during app installations, and conduct regular Play Protect scans.

In October 2023, a new security enhancement was introduced to Google Play Protect, enabling real-time scanning of APKs acquired from third-party app marketplaces and websites. This functionality has been deployed in major markets such as India, Thailand, Brazil, and Singapore, with plans for further expansion to additional countries throughout the current year. (Also Read: LinkedIn To Roll Out New AI-Powered Feature To Boost Networking)

What is Google Play

Google Play is an online marketplace run on Google to bolster its Android ecosystem. The primary cog in the Google Play machine is the Google Play Store—an online marketplace where users can download, buy, and rent a host of digital content.  

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