Bengaluru Techie Laid Off A Day After Tweeting About Recession In Tech

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New Delhi: The start of 2024 is not good for the tech industry. Like 2023, 2024 also seems uncertain for job security for techies. In the latest incident, a software engineer from Bengaluru, Jishnu Mohan, found himself in a distressing situation when his apprehensions about the state of the IT industry materialized into reality.

Mohan, who worked as a programmer for Forma (formerly Twic), was unexpectedly laid off on February 8, merely a day after expressing his uncertainties about his career on Twitter. (Also Read: Latest SBI FD Rates 2024: How Much Return Will You Get From Fixed Deposit? Check Here)

Sudden Layoff Amid Career Concerns

Mohan, who had been associated with Forma since 2019, was working remotely from Kochi, Kerala, as a full-time employee. His tweet on February 7 hinted at his disquiet about the ongoing recession in the tech sector, stating, “The whole recession situation in tech making me unease. Maybe at the lowest confidence level in my career.” (Also Read: From Investment To Income: A Rs 5-7 Lakh Investment In This Business Idea Could Yield Rs 1.5 Lakh Monthly Returns)

Swift Turn Of Events

Following his candid tweet, Mohan’s worst fears were realized as he was informed of his termination the very next day. He promptly shared the update on Twitter, expressing his need for a new job: “That was quick. I got laid off today, as part of reorg. So actively looking for a job now. Please let me know if anyone is hiring.”

Mohan’s plea for employment assistance didn’t go unheard. Within moments, his social media post was flooded with job leads and requests for his resume. Many individuals offered insights into available positions, while others pledged to forward his CV to relevant contacts.

Tech Industry Layoffs

The tech industry has been grappling with challenges, with the funding winter that commenced in 2023 continuing to cast a shadow over the sector in 2024.

Several major players, including Meta, Google, Microsoft, and recently Snapchat parent Snap, have undergone significant workforce reductions, accentuating the prevailing uncertainty in the industry.

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